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"Made in Japan" container module for architectural use

- mobile, sturdy and artistic ! -

​We call tetsuya'cntainer house



Iron House Tetsuya is a private company based in Tokyo, JAPAN, disrupting the conventional house makers by providing container modules for architectural use. Our product idea had been developed over 20 years and was finally realized in 2015 when the first two-story container house was built under the world most strict architectural regulation. 


Our advantages:

1. Sturdy - Cleared Japan's architectural regulation, first in the industry by using JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards)  material

2. Insulate -  tested in Japan's four seasons - rainy, snowy, and hot summer.

3. Delicate - developed and built under Japan's craftmanship


*Sizes are same with global standard shipping containers


Tetsuya Story - Passion for container house

The founder, Tsutomu Hikichi, grow up in Yokohama, one of the major port city in Japan. .Since he was young, he was dreaming of building houses by those iron boxes he could see a lot in the port.

He had lots of industry experiences in some major house makers such as Misawa Home, and began researching how to use containers for architecture and to clear regulations.  It was 21 years later when he finally passed the regulations and opened the first model house.

Iron House Tetsuya has now over 15 distributors all over Japan and has

partnerships with major house makers. Some big projects are under way with big names in hospitality and aerospace industries.  

Comming soon....

​和モダン(WAMODAN)、和室(WASHITSU) etc!

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